Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Monday, July 9, 2012


Guess it's 'bout time I introduce you to Matthew because,
 he is pretty much AmaZiNg! 

 Matthew and I have been next door neighbors for 15 months. Dated for a year, and now, Weez is gettin Marriaged! 

I am so excited for life with this guy!! He just seems to get it! Our goals and views on life are so similar! It's crazy how perfectly they mesh. 

He has worked as a Massage Therapist, CNA for in home nursing care, silver mill, Sold Kirby vacuums, head light restoration, Trail Walker for Anasazi, and tons of other things. . . He's pretty much a super hard worker, and willing to do whatever it takes to have fun now and later. 

He grew up farming in small town Moses Lake, WA

His favorite color is Orange. 
loves the outdoors, biking, soccer, frisbee, anything active really. 

Need I say anything about the bling? I wear it proudly! 

Favorite Dish: Shepherds Pie 

He enjoys being awkward . . . OR just to watch and reenact Lord of the Rings?
But, seriously, he revels in awkwardness. keeps things entertaining for sure!

I am so excited for the rest of my life with him!! He is absolutely amazing! 

It pretty much means, I love Food. 

And apparently, so does he . .. .

Well, there will definitely more to come, but there is a little intro for anyone who was interested. :)     Loves!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

To the Cutest Niece and Nephew I have!

Christmas Eve,
 {Ams} and I set out to take some super cute pics of the kids for Mom for Christmas. 

Our Super Secretive Mission

Without mom even having a clue!

The one that made it into Grandmas Christmas Wrapping. Framed 8x10 style! 

Ams was pretending to be a monkey behind me, at least that's what I deducted from the sounds she was making.
 I love the tears in {Binkers} eyes and her nose flaring with laughter. 

Blue-eyed little {Bugs}. 

{Binker} is probably one of the most enthusiastic models I have.
She loves to strike up any sort of pose! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Past Two Weeks of Adventure and Awesomeness!

In the Past 2 weeks I have:
  • Grappled and rappelled off of a random tree. 
  • Gone to St. George for Thanksgiving. 
  • Sledding in the Big Cottonwood Canyon. 
  • Started up my photography business and had my first client this week!!!
  • Been Dancing. 
  • Built a fort/cave in our basement.
  • Built a gingerbread house.
  • FINISHED the Christmas lights outside and put them all on timers. 
  • Read a couple of different books. 
  • Played the piano and guitar for about 2 hours a day. 
  • Swam a couple miles this week. 

Tommy, one of my really good friends and shipmates from the crew is up from the Dominican Republic right now and we have had a blast this last week doing all sorts of crazy stuff I've always wanted to do
 . . . So we . . .
  • Rode our bikes up and down and around 3 Mountains. 

Half the time, we didn't really know where the trails were,
maybe because we were where most people would NEVER go Mountain Biking. 

We ran into some pretty spectacular hikers as well, and one was willing to take our picture, and he even managed to get in it somehow . . . 

Our view from midway down South Mountain.

We had just scaled down South Mountain from SunCrest, you know, where they paraglide . . . Yeah, my legs were so done and I had to sit down. But the ride was so worth it! The sock was to keep the pant leg from getting stuck in the chain and gears . . . highly fashionable, I know!

  • Rode our bikes around downtown Salt Lake (best way to see the city). We parked up by the U of U next to a trax station and rode all the way down into the city. And when we were done, hopped back on Trax and got our door to door delivery service! It was Fantastic! It started snowing the last little bit to, so we found a little hot chocolate before we ended the trip. And then came on home. 
The Lights are incredible at the Temple right now! This year is one of the most spectacular displays I can ever remember! (It may be because I can, in a tiny way, appreciate all of the hard work that went into each tree and branch now) 

Abravanel Hall

Joseph Smith Building

The Gateway

  • And the real kicker was tonight, for the first time ever in my life . . . we made SUSHI
It tasted SO GOOD!!

 I must admit, I fell into a two and a half hour sushi coma afterwards . . . I fell sound asleep. and then we watched BYU beat Hawaii soundly. (Tommy was raised in Hawaii) So, it was not a fun game for him, I quite enjoyed it. 

Such a great couple weeks! Filled with some crazy times! 
Welp, that's as good of an update as I've ever seen. Catch yah later! Thanks for sticking it to the end. 

May each day be better than the last!  
Have a good week!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Lights!!!

3 weeks . . . 
. . . . . 6 blown fuses. 
              . . . . 2 branch slaps to the eyeball. . . . . . 
And only a couple THOUSAND Lights Later . . . . 

And I Couldn't Be More ExCiTeD
About how Great our house looks this year! 

HaPpy HoLiDayS!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Salt Lake Temple

Pictures of the Salt Lake Temple that I took today. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Swimming in AZ

So, Basically I go swimming everyday!! Love it! I took my camera to the pool one day, and got some sweet shots. Our must haves at the pool . . . at least 3 tennis balls and my neighbors viking helmet.